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Getting your Toddler to put on their Jacket

Getting your toddler to put on their jacket If you have a toddler then you have probably experienced the difficulty of getting them to wear a jacket! My son used to hate wearing a jacket and he sometimes still does. A few things have worked for us in getting him to wear a jacket without […]

Sometimes all it takes is a hand to be held. My husbands hand

On our way home from church today there was a lot going through my mind. I missed the service due to my toddler having a meltdown and eventually passing out in the car.  By the time church ended and my husband and our baby were back in the car, my emotions were a wreck. I […]

Two mom mistakes within 24 hours

Two mom mistakes within 24 hours My first mom mistake My toddler, who has been struggling with sleep time lately because of a sudden fear, finally fell asleep for a nap yesterday. He does this thing where, when he has to pee, he will stand up on his mattress, face the wall, put his hands […]

My 3 year olds sudden fear of the dark started with a nightmare

My now three year old has been falling asleep on his own and sleeping through the night since he was 11 months old. We never went through fear of the dark or fear of monsters or any of that. He would lay down in his room after our routines and fall asleep on his own.  […]

My toddler taught me about joy in a sweet way

It was early in the morning, just like any other morning. My husband was upstairs with Isaac. Jacob ran out of the living room and to the front door. I got up and followed him and asked, “buddy, what are you doing?” He said, so sweetly and with such excitement in his voice, “I’m waiting […]

Redirection actually worked on my almost 3 year old today!

My toddler will be 3 this week! I can’t get over how fast he is growing. We have been struggling a lot with the “terrible twos” for months now. We have been dealing with screaming, some hitting, spitting, crying, tantrums, telling us “no” and so on. We have tried the following… 1. Time out with […]

Wife. Mom. Me

I’m going to start this journey off by telling you a little about me. I am a 35 years old.  I’ve been married to a very handsome Italian man for almost 6 years now. We have a crazy, energetic, funny almost three year old (who is the definition of a terrible two toddler at times) […]