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5 Things My Husband Wants From Me

I asked my husband to tell me 5 things he wanted from me as a wife. This is what he said.  Intimacy – I think most men would agree with this. Intimacy is an important part of our marriage and helps us feel loved and connected in a way only we can do for each […]

How a date night helped my marriage for the better

Our second date in almost a year! When my parents offered to babysit so we could have a lunch date, I was so excited! Then I started to think of other stuff I could do.  I could catch up on sleep. I could take a nice quiet bath. I could finally get some cleaning done. […]

A mom and wife’s realistic New Years goals

2019 will be my year. I have never done well with resolutions. I always said I would lose weight, quit soda, exercise and so on. My resolutions tended to be more superficial (I made them for the wrong reasons). This year, I’m setting goals. Goals that will better myself and my family. Goals that are […]